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  • Drawtopia - OUT NOW for Android

    Android gamers... its time for you to come with us on a journey through colour and space! Drawtopia is now available for your android phone or tablet on Google Play. We're also looking to bring new social features and leaderboards to the game in the near...


  • Drawtopia - OUT NOW on iPhone & iPad

    The smash hit Windows Phone puzzle game with over 500,000 downloads is now available for your iPhone and iPad. Draw your way to victory in this stylish physics puzzler with over 40 unique levels!Come with us now on a journey through colour and space as one...


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SuperSmithBros @GMTDev Thanks for the tip, seems to be free to use as well :) Pretty sure I solved the crash issue but haven't been able to verify it.
SuperSmithBros @manuScythe The img above im just using for page headers now, we didnt think it felt right as a store icon so we're drafting some new poses
SuperSmithBros @manuScythe Oh sorry, this is about the icon image. D'oh, I thought it was a comment on the video. We're actually working on a new icon atm
SuperSmithBros @manuScythe After 5 deaths the oldest blood patches get removed and recycled to a new blood patch otherwise it starts to affect performance
SuperSmithBros @manuScythe Its something I considered but I have to be careful with effects and particles counts due to it being a mobile game.