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  • Collect or Die - OUT NOW on Android & iOS

    Out Now on iOS & Android, 'Collect or Die' is a hardcore retro platformer with dynamic ragdoll physics & dismemberment. Stickmen will die... and it will be glorious! Presented through the eyes of a CCTV operator watching an old CRT monitor players must...


  • Drawtopia - OUT NOW for Android

    Android gamers... its time for you to come with us on a journey through colour and space! Drawtopia is now available for your android phone or tablet on Google Play. We're also looking to bring new social features and leaderboards to the game in the near...


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SuperSmithBros Dont like the tilt control? Well button controls are now available on all android versions of Collect or Die 😀.… https://t.co/EacocyPZ97
SuperSmithBros Why do I always get a flood of ideas and optimism just before I need to go to sleep! Damn you stupid brain! #IndieDev #GameDev
SuperSmithBros Collect or Die is the #1 paid game on #GooglePlay in France! Vive la France! Download it here:… https://t.co/Y2LRG0TQHC
SuperSmithBros This is me making new levels for Collect or Die! Updates coming soon! #GameDev #IndieDev https://t.co/gVG9dLCGg6
SuperSmithBros We're also featured as part of the #amazon appstore UK developer spotlight too! Go go go, those stickmen won't surv… https://t.co/pIFFgu0ZPa